Mobiola xPlayer : Media player for BlackBerry

Product Name : Mobiola xPlayer
Platforms : BlackBerry
Product Type : Freeware


xPlayer is a free multimedia player for all major audio and video formats. Listen to your favorite songs and see the full screen video on the go.

xPlayer supports audio and video full screen playback. It manages play lists, plays files in background, configures shortcuts and and enjoy other useful features.
Mobiola xPlayer for BlackBerry OS: 4.3 is available on SHAPE Services website.

Main Features

* All audio and video formats supported: mp3, m4a, avi, mp4, 3gp, wma, amr, mid, wav, aac..
* Video full screen playback. Watch video in mp4, 3gp formats on your BlackBerry screen.
* Listen to your favourite songs using play lists, scroll between the files, see file properties.
* Advanced playlist sorting options: by title, by author or by path.
* Volume control (up/down/mute) with shortcuts.
* Works in background mode. The music holds up if you receive the call and continues when you finish to talk.
* Create your own play list of your favourite songs. Save it, edit or clear and make a new one. Add a single file or a whole folder to the play list.
* Long battery life.
* Customize your xPlayer. Apply a theme to make xPlayer unique.
* Free of charge. Just register the application for free on your device and enjoy.


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