Changes visual Symbian s60 3rd like as iPhone

This is just a simple trick to changes your Mobile phone visual to iphone look. I had test to nokia 6120 classic n it's work. Before We do this trick, know how this trik working :
1. Change your default menu like as iphone.

2. Change the visual stand by like as iphone.

3. Add screensaver to get iphone effect.

So, how to do this? Follow step by step :
Step 1

Download and install iPhone theme to your mobile phone. After installed, use that theme.

Step 2

Download and install two software below on your mobile phone
Function : change your default menu like as iphone grid menu. Example :


Function : Create screensafer like as iPhone.

Step 3
After installation complete, Run the both software.

Step 4
Go to stand by and your mobile phone have been changes like as iPhone Taste !

Attention !!!
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Enjoy and i hope it usefull !

husain alhaz

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