IMplus Mobile Messenger

Product Name : IMplus All-in-One Mobile Messenger
Platforms : BlackBerry, Palm, Pocket PC, Symbian, Android, Java (J2ME)

Product Type : Demo


IM+ ® All-in-One mobile messenger is a complete messaging solution that allows users to exchange instant messages within MSN® /Windows Live™, Yahoo!® , AIM®/iChat™, ICQ® , Jabber®, Google Talk and MySpace Messenger* between mobile devices and PCs in real-time.

IM+ users can use the same accounts on mobile devices and PC regardless of the mobile operator - it`s very convenient for using in business trips.
Imagine exchanging instant messages without keeping running an IM application on BlackBerry? It's now possible with IM+ new IM Push technology! Switch to IM Push mode to send and receive instant messages as emails and save precious battery life.

"IM+ is the best mobile application in the world!", Connect Magazine 2/2005 tests.

IM+ for Java

* Simultaneous connection to AIM®/ iChat™, MSN®/ Live Messenger™, Yahoo!®, ICQ®, Jabber®, Google Talk and MySpace Messenger* .
* Lifetime Licence. All upgrades included.
* Multiple dialog windows. Don`t miss a moment, chat with several buddies simultaneously.
* No cost per message, only standard payment for wireless data transfer.
* The application is available in trial mode. Just download and enjoy it!

IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger is available for all popular mobile deivces:
+ BlackBerry RIM;
+ Apple iPhones;
+ Android
+ Java phones;
+ Pocket PC;
+ Windows Mobile Smartphones;
+ Palm OS;
+ Symbian S60;
+ Symbian Series 80 (Nokia 9300/9500 communicators);
+ Symbian UIQ;

Contact list

Intuitive interface:
# Add, Delete, Group and Sort your contacts.
# File transfer for Symbian UIQ, S60v3 and BlackBerry 4.2 OS handhelds. IM plus All-in-One Mobile Messenger for BlackBerry OS 4.3 and higher is available on SHAPE Services website.
# Set your own status to give the buddies an idea of your mood.
# Message History. View previous correspondence with your contacts. Save, Search, Filter, Time Stamp.
# Exchange messages in any language installed on your handheld.
# Smileys. Add emotions to messages.
Instant Messenger

Chat Features:
# Conferences in MSN. Increase productivity of your business, talk within a group of colleagues with MSN accounts.
# Broadcast IM. Send Messages to a group of contacts with a single touch options available.
# Working through any GPRS connection.
# Online Help Forms. Fill out the help forms and get prompt answers to your questions.
# Free upgrades.

* - MySpace Messenger is available in J2ME, BlackBerry, WM Pocket PC, Symbian S60v3 and Palm versions at the moment. In other mobile platforms it is going to be supported at the nearest releases.

Buying IM+ you get full and non-limited licence for using this software on your phone. By purchasing IM+ you are entitled to all software updates.
Visit the developers website to purchase the lifetime license for IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger.

Third party trademarks, trade names, product names and logos may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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