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It seems as if Google are trying to rule the world at the moment. Not only do they own most of cyberspace, they have now come to the conclusion it's the right time for a foray into the cell phone and mobile handheld gadget market. One such Google adventure is the Android OS, which runs on a Linux-based platform and is open-source, and is also well placed to hit the handheld market in a big way.

Android Inc. was acquired by Google in 2005, and that is why rumours surfaced about their incursion into the cell phone sector. The Android was almost an unknown quantity outside of Google HQ, and the only thing that was known was that they (Google) had developed some cell phone software. They started working on an operating system which was Linux based, and was to be targeted to a range of cell phone manufacturers worldwide. And because the operating system was to be open-source, applications that could be used on compatible handsets could be created.

A year later, rumours started to surface again, with increasing speculation that Google was in the process of developing a handset which was to be called the GPhone. In reality, Google were testing the waters in the mobile payment system market. This is the system that lets users send a text message to Google containing details of a specific payment made to a third party. The system was patented in 2007 and is essentially an eWallet type design which acts in a similar vain to an online banking system, by debiting users accounts with the sum of money and then crediting this same amount to the payee's account. This system can be used in shops as credit or debit card alternative, on the basis that it is very secure. A potential user would also have the ability to view their bank details and statements on their mobile device, giving rise to easier financial management.

This is all great, but what happened to all the speculation about the planned phone from Google? Well, T-Mobile has announced that the G1 GPhone will be in the shops by the end of the year. The G1 handset will be pre-loaded with Gmail, Google Talk and Google Maps, as well as benefitting from the Android open-source market.

For those unfortunates who are unable to write Java (the Android programming language), one of the plethora of other handsets that are obtainable will have to do, as there would still be a large variety of features to keep one going.

Michael is a technology author for Everything gPhone where he provides coverage of Google's Android OS and the upcoming G1 phone. You can often find him taking part in Android forums or frequenting technology websites.

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