MifSafe : Save and protect your Personal Data

mifsafe  password protector Product Name    : MifSafe
Platforms            : Java (J2ME)
Product Type      : Freeware

MifSafe is a user-friendly security tool for mobile devices that helps you to keep the information in a safe and secure mode. It provides the best way to store your personal data such as Email accounts, Personal identification numbers, Credit cards and Bank accounts, Contacts, Software serial numbers, Computer and Websites passwords, Personal notes and etc.


    * For secure data uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), also known as Rijndael algorithm.
    * Encrypted User password.
    * Easy data entry.
    * Five predefined templates for easy record entry.
    * Add, Edit and Delete options are provided.
    * Colorful icons for each group.
    * User-friendly interface.



husain alhaz

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