iPhone Freelancer : Post your idea and get paid

Have an abstraction for an app but aloof don't accept the abilities to accomplish it happen? No problem, now you accept iPhone Freelancer, a fresh armpit that puts your account assimilate the developers' alive desk. The two parties accommodate the pay, get the app done, and ultimately abide it to the App Store for approval. That's all there is to it!

"Welcome to iPhone Freelancer,” reads a greeting on the fresh website. “Employers, column your projects, jobs and acquisition a contributor to get your activity in gear. Freelancers, acquisition a project, bid on it, do assignment and get paid! It's as accessible as that. Accomplish abiding to acquaint all your accompany about this armpit so the userbase can grow. The added bodies that apperceive about iPhone Freelancer, the added adventitious you accept to DO WORK!!!"

So, here's how it works. Once you appear up with an abstraction that you anticipate would attending abundant on the iPhone, aloof admission iPhone Contributor and column that abstraction beneath the anatomy of a project. This implies allegorical the budget, the behest time frame, and a baby description of the app you appetite to be developed. Thanks to employer staticwax, who bankrupt the ice on iPhone Freelancer, we can action you an example:

“I am attractive for addition to advance an iPhone app in the spirit of iBeer. You will accept to apperceive the SDK development kit provided by Apple, or some adaptable buzz equivalent. The app is meant to be a simple anatomy of entertainment. If you alpha with an absolute bold and can aloof change the images, that would be accomplished too. I aloof don't accept the accomplishment to do it on my own. THANK YOU”

Since iPhone Contributor has alone afresh been set up, no acknowledgment is accessible aloof yet. Still, at atomic one developer will be absorbed in creating this app for staticwax. Maybe you're additionally a developer! Why don't you hit up iPhone Contributor appropriate now? Any of you planning to abide some ideas?

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