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The concept of the application is very simple. If your Blackberry has access to Internet
and is equipped with GPS, the BlackBerry phone (with GPS) reports its current locations
to the Web Server regularly and the Server publishes the information to the phone owner
and other recipients (chosen by the owner of the phone), so that they can know where the
owner is and where he/she has been. Typical usages include:
1. Show myself and others where I am and where I have been on a map
2. How far I have traveled and for how long?
3. I am a cab/bus driver and I would like my company and customer to find me
4. Many others you can think of …
The application features the following benefits:
Anyone can know where you are online (with your permission).
It is a Blackberry Service, so that it can run in the background without interfering
with your other activities, such as making phone calls or playing Games.
You can start and stop the service anytime. You can give a title to each session
and have a session history to trace back
Your Session ID is unique, and also serves as a secret password to be shared
among your friends so that your privacy is protected. (You can also choose an
easy-to-remember session ID)
You can send email and sms to your friends giving your location direct from your
Blackberry phone about your location right from your Blackberry phone.
If the GPS on your device is blocked by obstacles, the application continues and
will report your location automatically when GPS is back
Very little wireless data produced
Very easy and simple to use
The system includes the My Location application on Blackberry phone and a Web
Service maintained by Microhill.

For More Information about this applicationklik here.


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