Roblock Blackberry

Product Name : Roblock BlackBerry Theft Recovery
Platforms : BlackBerry
Product Type : Demo

roblock-blackberry RobLock provides protection and safety from theft or losing your device and helps to retrieve it back. Now the users can forget the fear of losing their device by protecting it using RobLock Software.
Latest version : 2.0
Size on device : 325 KB
Download size : 300 KB
Requirements : BlackBerry
1. Now Compatible with Blackberry OS 4.5
2. GPS & Cell based device tracking
3. Remote interaction through SMS, Email and Web interface
4. SMS/Email notification on SIM Change to predefined recipient
5. Recover contacts from lost phone
6. Remote Wipe the entire device/media card
7. Remote LOCK & ALARM
8. Remote Call Back
9. Does not require BES for Remote Wipe
10. Easy Configuration
11. Password Protected Settings.


husain alhaz

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