Mobiola Screen Capture

Product Name : Mobiola Screen Capture
Platforms : BlackBerry, Symbian, Pocket PC
Product Type : Demo

screen-capture-mobiolaMobiola Screen capture for Blackberry

Mobiola Screen Capture for s60v3 by Warelex LLC display phone screen on your PC real-time, take snapshots, record video. You can share you screen on SKYPE, IM and other apps

There are Screen Capture versions for:

> BlackBerry RIM
> UIQ3
> Windows Mobile

Mobiola Screen Capture Shows Screen Capture from your phone on PC screen real-time Connects through Bluetooth or USB.
Snapshot functionality :
* Record video with MS MovieMaker or other video recording apps using webcam driver component of the application
* Share your screen on Skype, IM and other video conference applications. Just select "Mobiola Video Source" as web camera in this applications
* Compatible with Windows Vista

Note: Trial version limits single connections to 5 minutes and has 7 days evaluation period.

PC-part can be downloaded from Mobiola site !

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