Blinko : Alternative chat tool

Product Name : blinko
Platforms : BlackBerry, Java (J2ME)
Product Type : Freeware

blinko blackberry bold Stay tuned to people you care about in real time!
blinko is an appealing easy to use ALL-IN-ONE application for mobile phones, focusing on what is most important to you: chatting 4 FREE with your friends anytime and everywhere you go!

Thus, you enjoy full freedom of instant mobile communication – no need to have access to Internet/PC & no need to worry in which community your friends are!
It takes only a few minutes before you can chat with your friends:

1. Download & install the application (java, MIDP 2.0 phones) on your phone

2. Create your account – mobile number, your name and password is enough to get started (in case of connection problems please check your GPRS settings)

3. Add all your friends (directly from your phone book if supported by your phone) to your friends list or activate your existing MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM or GTalk account and your contacts are immediately imported to your friends list

Enjoy a number of appealing services & convenient features directly on your mobile:

* Send instant messages at lightning speed
* MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM & GTalk on the go
* Phone book import
* Minimal data & battery consumption (4 messages for 1 kB)
* Take and send photos (free)
* Group chats
* Easy to add & invite new friends
* Fun status & Emoticons
* WAP connectivity
* Reinvite pending contacts
* Free Entertainment services (Quiz, jokes, …)
* SMS Wake up if you want to chat with friends who are offline
* Friends groups to structure your friends list
* Local storage of your friends list to save data and money
* Free to download & use

blinko is available in 8 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian & Dutch

Blinko was formerly named bing. Useraccounts can be used on both platforms.


husain alhaz

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  1. Hi, I prefer to use Mxit. Its free and very easy to use.
    Go to (on your Mobile Phone)
    or (on your PC)