How to faster your symbian phone

Symbian is a operating system (OS). Some Mobile phone brand using this OS like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Motorolla. With using Symbian OS, we can install software and more game from third party to mobile phone.

So, i will share some tips to make your mobile phone go faster. here you are :

1. Set your log to 1 day. Go to Menu-find log-press option-setting-log duration-choose 1 day. It can be limited your log list just for 1 day.

2. Turn Off all active animation.

3. Try to use shortcut. In default condition, standby menu is short in 12 grid menu. use you keypad to access menu on mobile phone. example, press 1 to choose menu in top left.

4. Try to using software to refresh your mobile phone. Memory UP can do this job !

Do you Have another Trick? Share Please !

husain alhaz

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