Scanr : Print Your Snapshot

Platforms : Symbian, BlackBerry, Palm, Java (J2ME)
Product Type : Demo

scanR turns your camera phone into a fax machine and scanner. In the office, on the road, or at home—wherever you are—you can make digital copies using your mobile phone’s camera. Capture and send documents, forms, books, receipts, business cards, notes, whiteboards—just about anything that includes printed or handwritten information. Simply take a photo of a document, whiteboard, or business card, upload it to scanR, and get a digital scan in just few seconds. Then, download your scan as a PDF, text, or vCard file or send as a fax anywhere in the world. Try it free or get unlimited use for a low price.

Camera requirements

* Whiteboards and notes: 1 megapixel or higher.
* Documents, books, newspapers: 2 megapixel or higher.
* Business cards: 2 megapixel or higher with autofocus.

scanR is working on support for more phone models. If your model is not supported, you can email pictures directly from your phone. Go to on your mobile phone for more information.

scanR requires data connectivity from your wireless carrier, which may charge additional fees. If you use scanR often, we recommend you get an unlimited data plan.

scanR Scan Copy and Fax v. 2.0
Product Name: scanR Scan Copy and Fax

Download scanr

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